What news sources and Facebook groups would be useful for every expat living in Estonia?

There is a number of news portals and English-language environments for those who live in Estonia, so they can stay informed about what is happening in the country and abroad. Facebook, too, plays an important role in circulating information.

What to read for Estonian domestic news?

Local news resources have been developing the versions of their media channels in English to cater for the needs of newly relocated foreigners. Both ERR News and Postimees News are mirrors of the largest Estonian media publications in English, featuring the same look and content as their Estonian pages. Both channels provide an overview of Estonian daily news, politics, and economy.

Another resource quite popular among the people living in the English-speaking environment is the Estonian World. The readers of this portal live in Estonia and abroad, and the information it provides can also be found on the portal’s Facebook page. What distinguishes the Estonian World from Postimees and ERR is its online journalism approach and original writing in English. At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the Estonian World and ERR News portals were the ones to keep the local English-speaking population informed.

What groups on Facebook to follow?

The people for whom English is the language of the workplace or educational environment mainly live in large cities in Estonia, so Facebook groups are generally location-specific.  For example, there are groups called Expats in Tallinn/Estonia, Foreigners in Tartu, Expats in Pärnu and Foreigners in Viljandi. The majority of newly relocated foreigners settle in Tallinn, so there is a separate group for those looking for employment, Expat Jobs in Tallinn. In addition, a number of other groups meant for foreigners can be found on Facebook; they may have similar content but fewer members.

To what questions will Facebook groups have answers?

You can find plenty of Facebook groups which unite people who have come to settle in Estonia and are getting used to how life is organised here. Expats use them to exchange information and experience, ask for advice and give advice. The subjects discussed in Facebook groups cover everything related to living in a new environment, looking for employment, looking for apartments or cars to rent, healthcare services, education, and official documents. The groups are, as a rule, managed by moderators to prevent racism, hate speech, content marketing and other inappropriate activities. Still, although such groups are good places for sharing experiences and obtaining information, you should always double-check it through official channels because the information spread through forums might not be 100% correct.

Where to meet new people (Estonians and other expats) and share your experience?

Estonishing Evenings is the largest series of events in Tallinn held in English, and it welcomes foreigners living in Estonia to share their experience. The purpose of the whole project is to create an environment for communication similar to Facebook groups, with the only difference that it is supposed to take place face to face ‘in real life’. The idea behind Estonishing Evenings is to promote spending time together in an informal setting, bringing together Estonians and non-Estonians, for whom integrating into the local community is particularly important. The initiators of the series of events believe Estonia will be a better place if everyone living here feels involved and included regardless of their background or country where they were born. Events in this format are also regularly held by International House Tartu, International House Tallinn, and Tartu Welcome Centre.

Where to share important information and how to do it?

You can contact any of the three news portals mentioned above, and they will publish the information you have to offer if they consider it appropriate. There is even no need to worry about your English language skills because all these media employ editors, who will proofread and edit your text if necessary. In addition to those who would like to share their experience or offer news items, those who have useful information for newly relocated foreigners and long-term expats in Estonia are also welcome to contact the editorial offices.