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Universities with curricula for foreign students in Estonia

Estonia has long provided great education opportunities for locals and foreigners alike, and the number of foreign students in local universities has been increasing year after year.

The spheres which attract the greatest numbers of students to Estonia are business, law, humanities and arts. Information and communication technology have also been popular in recent years. (Source: archimedes.ee)

Estonian universities offering curricula in English

Of course, it is important for foreign students to be able to study in the language they speak and find convenient, which will allow them to complete the studies. Education in English is available in numerous state-funded universities as well as private universities in Estonia. More information can be found in Study in Estonia webpage.

University of Tartu as the oldest and most acclaimed university in Estonia

Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia, young at heart because of its multitude of students, is the home of the University of Tartu. Founded in 1632, it is Estonia’s oldest, largest and most prominent university, which has also secured a place among the best in the world. namely, in 2019 the university could be found occupying the 301st position in the QS World University Rankings.

In 2020, the University of Tartu is offering 27 curricula taught in English. One of them is, for instance, medicine, which gives a respectable profession for life. Graduates of the Faculty of Medicine will never have to worry about shortage of work, and the profession is highly valued in Estonia and the rest of Europe alike. Another popular choice is business administration, which is a comprehensive and practicable curriculum that provides a balanced overview of entrepreneurship.

The international learning environment is the source of genuine communication with students from various other cultures and excellent visiting lecturers. This is the university that boasts the best Estonian doctors among its alumni and the most respected researchers among its personnel: more than a half of the research papers in Estonia are published by the researchers rom the University of Tartu.

More detailed information can be found on the English website of the University of Tartu.

TalTech (formerly known as Tallinn University of Technology)

Situated in Tallinn and having undergone a bold rebranding in recent years, TalTech promotes technology, science and innovation. TalTech is one of the best providers of education in business and engineering in Estonia.

The curricula taught in English include Integrated Engineering, International Business Administration, Law and Cyber Security Engineering.

Founded in 1918, TalTech is the only university of technology in the country and, currently, its most international university, with approximately 10,300 students, of whom 16% are students from abroad (coming from more than 100 countries). TalTech is where truly exciting and innovative things, for example, self-driving cars, are created or satellites are launched to space: TTÜ100.

You can find more detailed information about conditions for application, studying options and scholarships on TalTech English website.

Tallinn University: the largest university where humanities are taught in Tallinn

Tallinn University, also located in the capital, is Estonia’s third largest university as far as the number of students is concerned. It features 116 curricula, including 20 that are taught in English. The University has 7000 and employs 400 people as academic personnel.

The curricula available in English in Tallinn University include, for example, Audiovisual Media, which focuses on the development of basic media skills and knowledge as well as creativity and provides competence for producing television documentaries and feature films. If the future student is interested in literature, anthropology, history and foreign languages, they might opt for studying Liberal Arts in Humanities Artes Liberales.

Tallinn University considers itself to be an ambassador of the smart lifestyle. Its Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School is popular among those who would like to commit themselves to film-making, television, communication, choreography, art or music.

Detailed information about the curricula can be found on Tallinn University’s website.

Estonian University of Life Sciences

The Estonian University of Life Sciences located in Tartu is among the first 100 in the QS World University Rankings by Subject in the fields of agriculture and forestry. The academic and research departments of the Estonian University of Life Sciences are unlike those in other universities.

The Estonian University of Life Sciences is currently providing the following curricular for degree studies in English: Veterinary Medicine, Landscape Architecture, and Agri-Food Business Management. In addition, a number of courses is taught in English.

Research in the Estonian University of Life Sciences is performed in conformity with the world standards: every year, the university is seeing more and more visiting lecturers and students. A major part of academic and research activities of the university is performed on its state-of-the-art campus covering the area of nearly 40 hectares. Next to the academic buildings and the library, there is one of Tartu’s most popular centres and a high-rise student residence building.

Comprehensive further information about the university can be found on its English website.

Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia – muusika ja loomingu sünnipaik

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre located in Tallinn a public university specialising in music and drama. The most renowned alumni of the academy who have contributed to Estonian musical culture are, for example, world-famous composer Arvo Pärt and such composers widely known in Estonia as Erkki-Sven Tüür, Olav Ehala and Alo Mattiisen.

In the Academy of Music and Theatre, students can specialise in all major fields of music and theatre, from organ and harpsichord to jazz and traditional music.

The academy is a member of a number of international organisations and takes part in the education programmes financed by the European Union.

Further information can be found on the academy’s website in English.

Estonian Academy of Arts as a threshold for designers and artists

The Estonian Academy of Arts is located in the capital, Tallinn, and is the only university of this specialisation in Eastern Europe among world’s top 200 universities. It is the only public university in Estonia providing higher education in design, architecture, fine arts and culture of art.

This is where more than ten curricula taught in English, for example, at the Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Design, Faculty of Art and Culture, and the Faculty of Fine Arts, are available for students. Some of the curricula are, for instance, Animation, Interaction Design, Contemporary Art, and Design and Technology Futures.

The university is maintaining relations with other top universities around the world and is a member of a number of international academic and professional networks. All of the above provides its students and employees with excellent opportunities for development and personal enrichment.

Comprehensive information about studying at the Academy of Arts can be found on the academy’s English website.

Studying module of Settle in Estonia – supporting foreign students

If you are a student who has come to Estonia from abroad to study, it is good to know that you do not have to cope with everything on your own but have an opportunity to get assistance, knowledge and support. For instance, the training course of the studying module, which focuses on the topics essential for a newly arrived student in Estonia can be of help in your adaptation.

The training course provides information about the topics below:

  • foreigners’ rights and obligations in Estonia;
  • features of the culture of studying in Estonia;
  • employment options;
  • apprenticeship options;
  • universities; organisations which are meant for supporting students.

So, it is specifically studying on which the course provides comprehensive information: how to start studying in Estonia and what you need to know in order to do it. Among other things, the course participants will learn which documents are necessary for living in Estonia (for instance, the residence permit and how to renew it) and how to make sure they are in order.

It is also important to know what the easiest way to manage your interaction with Estonian authorities is and how to communicate with fellow students and lecturers in the Estonian cultural space with the highest efficiency.

All of that is included in our comprehensive Settle in Estonia Studying module.

Any expats who have lived in Estonia for a shorter period than five years and hold a temporary residence permit or temporary right of residence can take part in the course. Find out more!