Talking about the Tallinn City Centre… in all sorts of languages!

Recent statistics show that Tallinn’s population is becoming more and more cosmopolitan all the time and that the number of people who use English as their main language outside of the home is growing. It’s been clear to us here at Tallinn City Centre Government for a year or so now that we need to focus more on our English-speaking residents to keep them informed of upcoming events and life here in general.

For the first time ever this August, we had the pleasure of adding a page entirely in English to our district-based community newspaper Kesklinna Sõnumid. Based on the positive response I have received so far, our English-speaking residents seem to approve of this initiative and feel it shows great progress and a gesture of hospitality that they now have their own printed media channel. One resident, in particular, was thrilled with these developments, telling us: “It was a very good feeling to read in Kesklinna Sõnumid the news about the district where I live in English.”

The most recent edition of Kesklinna Sõnumid was published on 19 September and since then we’ve received more than 100 requests from English-speaking residents to join our ‘Tallinn City Centre for Expats’ group on FB (which we promoted in the previous edition). In total, the group already has more than 1200 members. It is a place for residents to find out what’s happening in their district and to get answers to the questions they might have. Anyone who wants to keep up to date on what is happening in the city centre is welcome to join. The group’s members are also very grateful for the fact that the local government has opted for open and direct communication with them online, is ready to respond to their suggestions or concerns, and is interested in hearing what new arrivals have to say about projects in their district.

We’re thankful for the approval and support of our residents, which inspires us to provide you with more interesting content and information about coming events – some of which will be specifically geared towards our English-speaking residents, such as a historical tour in English in Kassisaba, which took place on 27 September and gathered around 40 people.


I wish everyone in the international community here in the Tallinn City Centre a successful start to the academic year and colorful autumn!

Svetlana Štšur
Project manager