Practical information material introducing the health system in Estonia

When moving to a new country, matters related to health are among the first that need to be addressed. Where to turn if I need medical care? How is the local health system organised and what are my options as a foreigner? Taking into account the situation in the world due to the new coronavirus, these questions are currently even more relevant.

In cooperation with the Health Board, Health Insurance Fund, Ministry of the Interior, and several other partners, new information materials have been compiled in English and Russian providing answers to these and various other questions.

The materials provide in-depth information on the following subjects:

  • COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in Estonia, including how to act in case of infection (or suspected infection);
  • the structure of the Estonian health system and where to turn with a specific health issue;
  • what is the role of a family physician and how to find one;
  • how the health insurance system is organised and who is entitled to national health insurance;
  • how children’s health is monitored and how vaccination is organised;
  • how pregnancy monitoring is organised, what tests are performed on pregnant mothers, and where to find information about family allowances and family benefits;
  • where to turn with mental health concerns.

The information materials can be read and downloaded here: Healthcare in Estonia 2020

The Settle in Estonia blog provides a short summary on where to find help during the autumn virus season: Where you can find help during the period of colds?

In addition, in March, the Health Board employed an adviser whose main duty is to consult newly arrived foreigners as well as people speaking English/Russian who already live in Estonia. If you have problems with finding a family physician, getting registered to the practice list of a family physician, or you require help with other issues concerning general medical care, please contact, tel. 794 3572.