Kuidas leida IT valdkonna tööpakkumisi Eestis?

Looking for IT vacancies in Estonia

How to find job ads in the IT sphere in Estonia? Estonia is well-known as an “e-state”, and the rapid development of the Estonian information and communication technology (ICT) sector has received recognition all over the world. the IT solutions created in Estonia, for example, BOLT, and e-services (Transferwise, for instance) have set an example to many countries of the world.

IT as a part of daily life in Estonia

Over the years, Estonians have become used to the simplicity of performing some daily operations (banking operations, getting a doctor’s appointment, filing an application with a government agency, etc.) through electronic authentication. This is why the employees of an IT company located in Estonia with a staff of a variety of ethnic backgrounds can contribute to something that will likely find use in Estonia in the nearest months.

Which IT specialists are in high demand?

An It specialist can find a job in Estonia in almost any sphere, for example, the music industry, fashion sector or timber industry. In 2020, a great number of vacancies require some types of IT skills. Moreover, there are almost no spheres of life left which can function properly without information and communication technology; it is needed almost everywhere. Simpler work tasks have been already entrusted to automated equipment and robots while more complicated jobs have already reserved for people.

Working in the IT sector, you must always be ready to keep up with changes, flexible, and eager to learn. A skilful IT specialist with appropriate education will obviously find a job quickly in Estonia. Many companies are currently practicing online recruiting as well as working remotely from home.

The most important IT jobs for which there are always plenty of ads are the following:

  • Web designer
  • Web developer; multimedia specialist
  • System administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Data analyst
  • Software developer
  • Technical support specialist
  • Programmer
  • Customer support specialist
  • Software tester
  • System analyst

Where to find job advertisements?

The best sources of IT job advertisements are apparently local recruiting web portals CV.EE and Cvkeskus. You can also check the web page of workinestonia, for example. All these three web pages can be viewed in English and Russian as well so that you can search for job ads that are of interest to you.

Numerous job ads in the IT sector can be found on Jobbatical.comMeetFrank.com and MoveMyTalent.com.

For university students, there is a multilingual web page tudengiveeb, where a variety of vacancies is also listed. In addition, there is a web page for occasional or part-time jobs: goworkabit.com.

Naturally, it is worth to have a look at the web pages of various IT companies. if you are interested in working for a specific company, you can send your CV directly to them.

Do you need to speak Estonian in order to work in the IT sector?

There is no one definitive answer because it depends on the specific job and employer. Some companies are looking for specialists who speak Estonian and Russians, but others need employees with excellent English skills. We recommend you inquire about the jobs and specific companies which are of interest to you to make sure you have the required language competence.

In any case, you will find obtaining basic Estonian language skills for daily life useful and even necessary. There are good opportunities for language learning in Estonia. for example, you can take a free language course of the Settle in Estonia programme, which provides basic knowledge for stating daily communication in Estonian. More detailed information is available here: https://www.settleinestonia.ee/. We also recommend taking part in the work and entrepreneurship module course, which is meant for foreign nationals who come to Estonia to work or start a business and provides useful information about working here, the work culture, counselling, employers, tax system, etc.

IT is a sector of diverse opportunities

If you are thinking about studying or working in the IT sector, it is worth knowing this is a hugely versatile choice because there is hardly a single sphere left these days where computers and technology are not of major importance.

These days, many tasks have been delegated to computers (and robots), but demand for smart people is not about to decrease any time soon.

It is quite the opposite: more and more new fascinating and challenging jobs emerge in the IT sphere. What is important is that you are interested in this sphere and willing to keep up with changes and never stop learning. If you choose IT, it is likely not to be a finite choice because your career may evolve in one of a number of directions, and everything is constantly changing.