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Courses for jobseekers and entrepreneurs are going to become even better

What used to be the work and entrepreneurship module of the programme Settle in Estonia will from now on be taught as two separate modules. Those who are interested in finding a job in Estonia and executing all the documents associated with starting employment here will be able to take the work module while the entrepreneurship module will help one start a business in Estonia.

Martin Lään, one of the founders of the company Expat Relocation Estonia OÜ, which conducts the courses, said that the decision to separate the work and entrepreneurship module was made on the basis of the participants’ feedback. “We have been providing courses to new expats and collecting feedback for years, and one of the most frequently mentioned aspects was that the work and entrepreneurship module should actually be taught as two separate courses. The scope of the topics to be addressed is extremely broad, and they could not be fitted into one day. It was often the participants interested in running a business who did not have time to obtain important information because this part of the course used to be planned for the second half of the day. Now we will be able to dedicate a whole day to different target groups at different courses and to precisely address those topics that are of interest to the participants,” Lään described the courses.

The work module will be giving participants useful information about looking for a job, writing a resume and applying for a job as well as about the services provided by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and taxes. The entrepreneurship module will focus on the nuances of founding a company but will also be suitable for those who are already running a firm but have questions about laws or taxes.

Studying materials are available for all in the introduction to each module on the web page of Settle in Estonia. Still, taking part in the relevant course will be of great use. During the course, you will be able to discuss any questions that might occur to you with the instructor, hear other expats in a similar situation share their experiences, and network.

Martin Lään says that, over the years, former participants of the programme Settle in Estonia have founded a number of companies here, whose products or services Expat Relocation Estonia OÜ has also tried: “What makes me the glad in the first place is how a new expat’s adaptation in Estonia after the course usually goes smoother and, later, we have an opportunity for cooperation with them. For example, a large share of our training videos has been produced by the company established by a Ukrainian who had come to live in Estonia. Another participant of the programme is one of the translators working on the materials for Settle in Estonia into Russian. It is good to see our work has borne fruit, and the expat who arrived to live in Estonia has successfully integrated into the local community, is doing business, is paying taxes and has become a committed member of society”.

At the moment, courses are offered online, and, although there are clear advantages to classroom sessions, the online environment also gives the foreigners who live here a good opportunity to familiarize themselves with local conditions. Courses will resume offline as soon as the spread of the coronavirus slows down, and classroom learning becomes an option again. The schedule of online courses for the beginning of 2021 is already in place, and you can register here.